Outbound Referral

Outbound Referral

The purpose of creating an outbound referral campaign is to see the best path between your organisation and the target account.
The path is who in your and your colleagues extended network you should ask for an introduction to at someone at the target account.
Here are the steps to set up your outbound referral campaign.

1.First make sure that you have installed the ProLeads browser plugin.

If you have it installed you can see the logo here:


If you haven’t you’ll see the option to install Goldmine (the plugin)





2. Create a new campaign.



3. Add target companies


4. Search for people at the target companies on LinkedIn


5. Add the leads through the plugin to the correct campaign. Add 3-10 people from each target account. (Remember, you want to find the best path into theses companies so adding more than one person is crucial)




6. See best paths in ProLeads




7. Change your connections strength


To fully utilize the power of ProLeads you want to make sure the right connections are used within the organization.

Make sure your colleagues goes in here and change the strengths of their connections. (even if you are the only on prospecting, you still want to see who in your team is best connected so you can choose the best path.)

Go back to step 6 to see the updated best paths with the new connection strengths.
Reach out to your connections asking for introductions.

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