Flow for different teams

It’s possible to setup Flow for different roles. This is part of the Enterprise tier and can be controlled through the Admin panel. 

  1. Go to https://assistant.proleads.io
  2. Click on Settings > Teams

3. Name your team and open up the filter section by clicking the arrow at the end of the row

 4. Click in the Field box and type User, and then select the User field in the drop down that appears

5. In the Value box, start typing the name of the user you want to add to this team.

6. Add more users by clicking the + Add Filter button at the top and repeat step 4-5

The list of users in your team appears to the right of the filters. The team auto saves upon change so as you are done adding users to your team, you can start creating specific Cue Cards for your teams.

In the users list you can also click on the star to indicate if a user in this team is a manager. That way you can have specific cards show for the manager of the team and not for anyone else.

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