Open cases

Rremember and manage your open cases to make sure you don't forget about them. You can also add a new case straight from the card. 

What it shows

This card shows you cases that you own and that are open. 

How to use it

Your cases are grouped on status. In this example, the user has two cases with status "New" and one with the status "Escalated". 

Click within the red area to get an overview of the cases in that specific status. 

From here, you can choose which case you want to work with by clicking within the field of the case.

From here you will be able to get more details and edit the case. straight from Flow. 

This is a view that should have the most crucial information. If you want to read and edit even more details about the case - click "Show more". 

This will take you to the view below where you'll be able to see all the details and activities related to this specific case. This view is the same one as the one you look for a case through the search field in the top of Flow. 

Use these buttons to schedule tasks and meetings to make sure that the case gets resolved as soon as possible.

What you can change

Edit Field Layout

Change what Salesforce fields that are visible and editable on this card by going to the Edit Field Layout mode in the bottom of an unfolded case.

Reorder the fields with the handles. Add fields by searching for them in the search box. Delete fields by clicking the trash can. Observe - all these changes on the card, by editing the field layout nothing is changed in Salesforce.


You're able to modify what kind of information you want to see in your Open Cases card. Go to "Options".

Here you're able to choose if you want to exclude a certain status from the card in Flow. (If you want to see all of the statuses, just leave this part and you'll see all of them.)

Now decide how you want to order your cases.

If you don't find this card useful, just turn it off. 

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