Event view

You get to the Event view from the Event Cue card by clicking "Show more". 

This view collects data from Salesforce and Google Calendar. It shows you information related to the attendees of a meeting, looking into all of the sources provided.

It also helps you to add the event easy to Salesforce with one click. Once you clicked it, the event will be logged to Salesforce, which also makes ut possible for you to add details about the meeting. Click "Add/reorder fields" to add more fields.

The “Attendees” section shows you all of the people that was invited to the meeting. If you haven't added them, Brisk will show you an “Add to Salesforce” button, to add them as a lead or contact in Salesforce.

The Event view card works best if you’re connected to Google Apps - but you’re also able to use if even if you haven’t. The functions where Brisk looks into data from Google Calendar will not work. For example, attendees to an event will be static as Brisk can’t pull data from your calendar.

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