How to work with tasks

It’s possible to add tasks from different places in Flow:

  • Your tasks: Your tasks is a cue card that you find in the overview of your sidebar. This card gives you an overview of tasks you’ve scheduled for today, future tasks and overdue tasks. It’s possible to modify how old tasks you want to show in your sidebar. It’s also possible to decide how many days you want to set as a default value when you create followups on your tasks. Go to “Options” from the bottom of Your tasks to modify the settings of the cue card

  • From a View card: If you’re already viewing an object on a View card, it’s possible to add the task straight from there - this way you’ll get it attached to the right person without having to fill that information in. Scroll down to the bottom of the card and you'll see it:

  • Through Quick add: If you click the plus sign in the upper left corner of Flow, you will be able to add a task and attach it to any record in Salesforce.

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