Sometimes you just want to make a quick note or highlight a person or company that you want to focus on right now. Keep them in your "Starred" list in Flow to keep them close at hand.

What it shows

This list will give you a list with all of the people and companies that you feel like focusing on right now. When you "star" something in Flow, it will automatically show up here. 

How to use it

You add an item to your Starred card by clicking the star next to the name of an object. When navigating within Flow you will see that you can put people and companies in the Starred card from different places.

When you're watching the detailed view of an object, you will be able to add it by clicking the star next to the name of the person or company. 


Same thing when you want to do it from a cue card, but the layout looks a bit different.

Click the name of the object to get to the full detailed view.

And it will look like this. From here you will be able to edit fields, read about old activities and schedule future steps.

If you're ready with a person, just click the star and it will disappear from your Starred card. 

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