Tasks are used by most salespeople to keep track of what to do now and what to do later. This card helps you to add tasks on top of any website, both new ones and followups. 

What it shows

This card shows you all of your Salesforce tasks that are marked as open.

How to use it

The top indicates how many tasks you have scheduled for the coming week. Below, there's a button that helps you to schedule a task. This is what it looks like if you click it. Connect it to people in Salesforce, type subject, due date and description. When you click "Save" it will be stored in Salesforce. 

If you unfold these three different sections you'll get an overview on the tasks that needs to be done.

Unfold the different buckets by clicking within the field and you'll be able to quickly get an overview. From here it's easy to finish or reschedule your tasks. (Everything within this view is editable).

Click "Show more" if you want to see even more related information, this will take you to the detailed view of the task.

What you can change

Edit Field Layout 

Change what Salesforce fields that are visible and editable on this card by going to the Edit Field Layout mode on the view card.

Reorder the fields with the handles. Add fields by searching for them in the search box. Delete fields by clicking the trash can. Observe - all these changes on the card, by editing the field layout nothing is changed in Salesforce.


Visit options under the top menu the right to configure how the card works for you.

Choose how long back in time you want to go when it comes to show your tasks. The really old ones might be outdated.

If you're using a software for sending emails, they might be logging those emails as unresolved tasks. If you tick in the box in the bottom, it will make sure to hide all of those tasks.

Deactivate or activate the card on the switch to the right. Deactivated cards are found under “Show more cards…” by the bottom of the Options page.

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