Closing opportunities

Keeping in touch with people and having a next step scheduled is key to close a deal. Make sure to contact them and schedule activities that keeps the deal going forward.

What it shows

Open opportunities that are closing this quarter, that you haven't been in contact with for the last seven days grouped by stage.

How to use it

Your opportunities are grouped depending on which stage they are in. Work on your opportunities in the different stages by unfolding the group. The grey box with a number indicates how many opportunities that will show when you unfold it by stage.

Unfold an opportunity to see and edit fields related to it. No data is stored locally in Flow so what you see is probably Salesforce, or other tools you have connected to Flow.

When you edit a field just click Save to instantly push the information to Salesforce.

See planned Salesforce tasks and events under the “Future” tab. The number next to "Future" indicates how many future activities you've scheduled.

See all historical Salesforce tasks and events under the “History” tab.

Click "REFRESH" to pull the latest information from Salesforce. 

Click show more to get to an even more detailed view of an opportunity - an Opportunity-card will open on top of the Closing Opportunity Card.

The three buttons in the button helps you to log activities connected to the opportunity.

What you can change

Edit Field Layout

Change what Salesforce fields that are visible and editable on this card by going to the Edit Field Layout mode.

Reorder the fields with the handles. Add fields by searching for them in the search box. Delete fields by clicking the trash can. Observe - all these changes on the card, by editing the field layout nothing is changed in Salesforce.


Visit options under the top menu the right to configure how the card works for you.


These are the options you have to decide which opportunities you want to see:

Deactivate or activate the card on the switch to the right. Deactivated cards are found under “Show more cards…” by the bottom of the Options page.



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