Leads to touch

Loosing momentum is never a good thing, that's why this card makes sure to notify you when you haven't touched a lead for a couple of days (you get to decide how many days). 

What it shows

The card is showing you leads that you haven't converted, and that you haven't acted upon in 3 days (by default). You can change the number of days - we'll show you later.

How to use it

The leads are bucketed depending on which status they're in. Click one of the buckets to unfold and get an overview of the leads that you need to contact. 

If you wish to get more information about the lead - click within the field of the lead and you'll get a detailed view with the information you need. Even though getting in contact with them is the most important thing, you also need to reflect it within Salesforce. From here you're able to edit fields.

Check what happened before (gets even more relevant as the lead moves down the funnel) and more interaction has been made.

Schedule future activities in the bottom of the card. 

Click "Show more" if you want to get even more details about the lead. 

This will take you to the most detailed view of a lead where you're able to convert a lead from the bottom of the card. This is the standard view of a lead, the same one as you get when you search for, and choose, a lead in the search bar. 

What you can change

Edit Field Layout

Change what Salesforce fields that are visible and editable on this card by going to the Edit Field Layout mode.

Reorder the fields with the handles. Add fields by searching for them in the search box. Delete fields by clicking the trash can. Observe - all these changes on the card, by editing the field layout nothing is changed in Salesforce.


Visit options under the top menu the right to configure how the card works for you.

These are the options you have to decide which opportunities you want to see:

Deactivate or activate the card on the switch to the right. Deactivated cards are found under “Show more cards…” by the bottom of the Options page.

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