Scheduling and attending meetings is part of the daily life of most salespeople. And it's important to get the activities into Salesforce. This article is made for people that haven't connected Flow with Google Apps. Use this article if you wish to learn more about Events combined with Google Apps. 

What it shows

This card shows you the meetings that you've scheduled in your Salesforce Calendar 14 days back in time and 14 days ahead.

How it works

The dots under the dates indicate how many meetings you have. They turn to a straight line when you have more than four meetings booked.

Click the button in the top to schedule a future event. The meeting will be stored in Salesforce from the moment you click "Save".

Except the button, the first thing you see is an overview of your upcoming meetings.

Click "Show more" to see more details about the meeting. Here, you're also able to add and edit information.

If you click the tab to the right of "Upcoming meetings" you'll see your past meetings. Here it's easy to add a description of what happened during the meeting, and plan a next step. If you don't want to add anything more - just hover the event and you'll be able to dismiss it.

What you can change

Edit field layout

Change what Salesforce fields that are visible and editable on this card by going to the Edit Field Layout mode of the Event view.

Reorder the fields with the handles. Add fields by searching for them in the search box. Delete fields by clicking the trash can. Observe - all these changes on the card, by editing the field layout nothing is changed in Salesforce. 


If you don't use events, go to options and turn off the card like this.


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